Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: How to Celebrate?

Brazil is one of the largest countries in the world and thus it has hosted several international events as well i.e. FIFA World Cup, 2014. Although the majority of the people in Brazil are below the poverty line, Brazilians never stop celebrating popular events and gather at different places in Brazil to enjoy the beautiful moments. Rio de Janeiro is famous for hosting tourists on the New Year Eve and it is also known as the Carnival festivities. The famous Copacabana beach in Rio de Janeiro holds thousands of people on the memorable windy evening of 31st December in order to celebrate the new beginning. The beach is two and a half mile in area and thus almost 2 million people can easily gather and join the party. The traditional Brazilian foods and drinks are served on this evening and people perform different activities to entertain the guests on this famous beach. There is another famous ritual as well where people throw flowers in the ocean in order to gift the Yemanja who is considered as the goddess of the sea world. This tradition is being followed since couple of centuries. The live musical concerts also take place in Rio de Janeiro on the new year eve and thus battles of bands is performed where judges rate the musicians and the winners are provided with the accolades. The colorful fireworks take place on the beaches of Rio de Janeiro and thus tourists gather and experience different cultures on this famous and memorable night. Also, the celebrations take place in close seconds and people enjoy the fireworks along with the music, foods, and drinks till dawn when the party finally comes to its destination and the crowd moves to their homes with millions of memories to reminiscent. .  See Happy new year 2018 wishes on

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