Stay hidden from cybercriminals using a Bitcoin tumbler – Bestmixer review

Description: How to keep cryptocurrency save? The best way is to use mixing services which delete all transacting history. Let’s find out how it works on the example of Bestmixer.

Bestmixer was created as a service which contains cryptocurrency from many users and mixes it with each other. The goal is to get rid of names and addresses to protect owners from possible robberies. The mixing process can be launched by pressing only one button but it’s not the only advantage.

Location is meaningless

A great thing is that a person from any part of the world can send money to another safe using a Bitcoin tumbler. Addresses will be deleted in 24 hours and nobody asks for names so the chance of being robbed is very low. The website is translated into 11 languages and if it’s more profitable in your country to earn Litecoin or Bitcoin Cash, it’ll be possible to change them too.


Protecting features

Bestmixer developers didn’t try to create something absolutely new but compared the best technologies in their service. You can read more about them here but we’ll name the most important:
– SSL Secured
– Tor-friendly
– Hidden data centers and creators’ names
– Transfer delay button
– Three types of pools to mix coins in

If you still have some hesitations, we want to add that every client gets a letter of guarantee which can prove that you made a transaction and all operations are confirmed. There are many experts who wrote about Bestmixer, one may read other reviews to make sure it’s a reliable variant.

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